No, a Doppelgänger is not a furniture item from Ikea. This is a german word which means look-like, but it really means double and in the paranormal a Doppelgänger is the double of a living person. It looks like a form of bilocation, but bilocation is also used to tell about the double of a dead person.

Numerous cases of Doppelgänger have been reported in the History. A Doppelgänger is similar to an apparition, you can really see the person, it ‘s clear, but it could sometimes look like a ghost, a pale double. But sometimes it looks like someone real, and your kins could really believe they just saw you but you were not there. In folklore or for the church, it is not good to see a Doppelgänger, it says that it could be a sign of death or misfortune. For the paranormal, a Doppelgänger is still so mysterioux and fascinating.

Double inspires, whether it is in the cinema,  literature or video games, the evil twin is a fantasy. Look at Spiderman, Vampire Diaries or Mario Bros, and many more, they have their evil twin. The fight, the duel, the bad and the good. But it could also talks about split personality like in Fight Club or The Black Swan. Schrizophrenia or paranoia are dangerous mental diseases, patients use to fight their Doppelgänger, but in that cas, it is not paranormal. Doppelgänger can be used for every kind of doubles. There is another mental disturbance called Capgras’ syndrome. In that special case, the patient see doubles everywhere! Most of the time, doubles have been replaced the family, and the patient is sure that the family died or have been kidnapped. Patient is not able to recognize a family anymore.


Maybe you know the french writer Guy de Maupassant. It says that he has a Doppelgänger, a very tough one. He wrote his last novel The Horla and it’s all about that evil twin, that haunting he has. Some people say that The Horla was written by his Doppelgänger itself. Whoever writes, The Horla is a very strong journal, i read it when i was a teenager and it was so disturbing to me. Right after that, Guy de Maupassant was sent in an asylum, he couldn’t stop talking about that insane Doppelgänger, and one year later he died of dementia. As you can see, in that case, it is not easy to say. Some people say it was a real Doppelgänger, others that it was Capgras’ syndrome. Whatever it was, that poor man suffered.

Mythology says that each human being has a twin in the world, not a blood twin, not a brother, but more a soul mate, someone just like you. Science says that we have several physical doubles in the world. There is a French photographer, Francois Brunelle, who really believes that and he decided a few years ago it will be his life’s quest. So he looks for everyone’s double since a dozen years, and take pictures. His gallery is amazing, you couldn’t believe that these people are not from the same family at all, as you can see the picture below. And you have the ghost Doppelgänger, this one is paranormal, it has no shadow, no reflection and when you see it no one else can see it. But sometimes kins can see the Doppelgänger of someone, and that person will never see it. So many ways, in a life, to meet a Doppelgänger.


Doppelgänger, as we can see it in the paranormal could look like a projection. We know that NDE are sometimes a sort of projection, also OBE and Shamanism which are a voluntary or unwilling wanting to detach the spirit from the body. But testimonies told us that a person expriencing one of these, really floats, and is able to know that she is the projection, the spirit and not the body. Doppelgänger is not, this is the opposite.

But a few years ago, scientits reached to create a Doppelgänger. The person choosen for that test hadn’t any mental disturbances. Focal electrical stimulation was applied to the patient’s left temporoparietal junction … Oh i know that work is insane! Well look at the picure below, this is a small part of the brain. During those electrical stimulations, the patient felt automatically someone else near her, very close, and a very disturbing presence. It was asked to the patient to do sort of things while she was receiving the electrical stimulations, and each time the patient claimed to say that the presence was doing the same thing. By way of conclusion, it was reported that if someone’s left teporoparietal junction was stimulated by an electromagnetic field, it could cause a projection of ourself, a Doppelgänger.


In History, someone you know met his Doppelgänger. Abraham Lincoln looks like he is ins each paranormal case, and in his life he told he met his Doppelgänger several times. He saw him each time in the mirror, the one in his office. He could see himself in the mirror, his reflection, and that other face, a pale face, a ghost face, it was him but as a ghost. He was not afraid and he claimed it to everyone. But his wife was very worried. It happened a few times during months and it disappeared. Skeptic says that it could be an anomaly from the old mirror.


But there is another story, a tough case. It was in the XIXth century, there was a lady, Emilie Sagée, who was a teacher in a boarding school for girls. Really quick, people started to see her Doppelgänger. She was seen in several places at the same time. And the crazy part is sometimes her double was just next to her, everyone could see it, but none Emilie. Once, a pupil saw Emilie by the window, outside in the garden, and another Emily suddenly appears in front of her. The girl looked another time outside, Emilie was still there. Scared but brave, she decided to touch the one in front of her, and it just vanished in one second. After that incident, everyone was so scared, many pupils left the school and Emilie was fired. In the XXth century, Emilie’s nieces testified about the two Emilie, the real one and her Doppelgänger still beside her. Camille Flammarion, a french astronomer and paranormal researcher, was interested in that case. He looked for a Emilie Sagée in France, but she was never existed in the archives. Emilie Sagée is a real mystery.

But Emilie Sagée’s case is not the one, there are several. People experience very often, sometimes in their home or sometimes when they do paranormal investigations, but it is really hard to find testimonies. People are scared of judgement and more, they are superstitious. People who experience it are very scared. A friend of mine saw his little brother’s Doppelgänger once, and when she told me that crazy story, she was crying.


To conclude, this is a real paranormal case, difficult to debunk, amazing stories, and science is not so sure to explain it. To me, it is really fascinating and a real mystery to explore and study.

What about you? Have you ever seen your Doppelgänger?

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